by Saxon & Harriet

One is an abstract puzzle game about desire and homosexuality.

Made by Harriet Lloyd and me using Perlenspiel.

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Oori said: Is "Alone I'm doomed to be" the last one? I don't think this is solve-able. Although I do take this as a kind of end though. over 8 years ago
Robi said: Please don't make it finish it that way :( over 8 years ago
Big Shell said: I got as far as "And from Afar I Saw One" and I just can't solve this. :( over 8 years ago
nbulp said: Thanks for the game :) Btw, in the source code (game.js:308), note the absolute path! That can't be intended, right? Cheers! over 8 years ago
Seth said: Great game, and great medium to convey the struggle thereof. The dialogue reminded me somewhat of a few of the games part of "mindful xp". over 8 years ago
asdf said: cool. how many levels are there? over 8 years ago
Mark said: Excellent work! over 8 years ago
Jackson said: Great game. I particularly liked the part where you pointed out that homosexuality is ridiculous. over 8 years ago

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