The Origin of Love: The Game (concept image only)

by fc + sarah z.

Inspired by the song "The Origin of Love", from the great musical/film Hedwig and the Angry Inch, which in turn is from Plato. We didn't get much past the concept phase because, darnit, puzzle games are hard to design! Not to mention we didn't have enough time this weekend. But the plan is to finish it at some point. The basic concept is that each character is trying to find his/her other half, and each has her/his own power (sun can dry up water, etc.). Characters must help each other so that all the correct pairs end up together.

Here's a link with some more background on the myth:

http://connellodonovan.com/hen.html This creation myth places humans of all three genders (androgynous, male, and female) in a primeval state of eternal bliss. However, we grew insolent in our blissful state and refused to properly honor the gods ... As punishment, we were split in two. Those with a "male" nature (the Children of the Sun) became homosexual men; those with a "female" nature (the Children of the Earth) became Lesbians; and the androgynes (Children of the Moon) became heterosexuals. Navels are the souvenirs of the operation we all went through in being divided from our beloved other half. ... Part of properly honoring Eros is to search for and find our lost half, to be restored to our natural state of bliss.

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